I had every intention to run….

Let’s see, Wednesday through Sunday (today)?

Work, work, skipped small group because I was tired and wanted to be home. Work, got cranky on the phone with Jim.

Saturday I woke up around 10:30 to get to Midway Airport by 12:35, when Jim was supposed to fly in. Well, I didn’t leave the CU area until 11:15 which made me, oh, at least 45 minutes late. Turns out there were some fierce thunderstorms around Chicago, and his plane had to take the “long way around,” which meant I only circled the terminal three times before I met him. Talk about good timing!

Because Midway is so close to my mom’s (and because Jim is such a patient guy), we visited with her and her new “boyfriend” for a couple hours. We helped her move a dresser up to her guest room (no small feat) before heading back down. We did meet aforementioned thunderstorms, but we weathered (haha) most of them at the house.

Fast-forward to today.

After lots of sleep we made it to church (yay!). It’s been a while for us. We sneaked in late, sat in front, then reseated next to some friends. It was a good message about worship. My communion cup had a bug-floater-something in it. I felt a little guilty for not drinking it, but eww!

After a lovely stop at Starbucks, we headed home to attack the cleaning of the house. I wrote a blog post about a book my therapist and I are going through, and we made bruschetta chicken pasta, sans the chicken, a la TGIF. We had tomatoes and basil from the garden (seriously, is there anything that smells more pleasant than basil?), balsamic, pasta, and olive oil (including a new jug of olive oil straight from Italy–Jim went there with his mom a couple weeks back). Small win for not having to drive to the store!

And I was going to run, but lordy–90 degrees with a heat index of 107? No thank you. I’ll try my bets tomorrow morning.


Do you go to church? Do you like your church? What keeps you going?

What’s your favorite herb?

What’s your ideal temperature?

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The Day Elizabeth Ran

That’s right, kiddos. I RAN. It was wonderful.

My Garmin broke. This has been a convenient excuse for a while because I am ALL about the numbers. It was freeing to not use it on this first run. I had few expectations. I ran for a while, I walked for a while, ran for a while, walked for a while. In all I went around 3 miles, most of it walking, but no pressure.

I’m often jealous (envious? or just admiring?) of my coworker who talks about going 6, 7 miles a few times a week. “If only I can go 5 miles,” has always been my goal. I LOVE going further, but 5 miles has always been the standard for me. It seems like a good distance to just up and go. Anyway, I found out she only runs for the cardio benefits and actually stops to walk a decent amount.

If you walk more than half of a half marathon, don’t you still say you ran a half marathon? Yes. If I walk 2 miles and run 1, am I still a runner? Yes. I did both my marathons at a run 1 mile, walk 1 minute schedule.

photo 2

What do you think? Does running+walking equal running?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you run or are you working your way up to running?

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This past weekend

I was going to do that 5K this past weekend, but no go. I had a meeting scheduled for that morning, then had a volunteer commitment take precedence over that.

Another day, another excuse.

Not much inspiration here.

The puppy, loyal companion, I used to run with met his end last week. He was old, fluffy, and suffered from arthritis. It was sad for everyone, but somehow eventually ok.


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Hilton Head…



…was beautiful. The major decision each day was whether to go to the pool or the beach first. Our hotel was right on the beach and had three pools (including one adults-only pool).

I went with two friends and their kids. Not having any kids myself, I enjoyed the responsibility-less life. Of course I helped out.

The ride back was eventful. All within 30 minutes in glorious Nashville, we had traffic, a thunderstorm, one kid try to pee on the side of the highway, later actually able to pee on the side of the highway, one kid pee in a bottle, the highway-peeing boy throw up, the throw up bag explode, vomit in the mouth make one of the adults puke, and the exit after the events awfully far away. The gas station we went to was pretty helpful, and we’re already able to laugh about it.

BUT, one BIG but, I did 0 exercising. And honestly, this blog might be the only reason I’m still a teeny tiny bit motivated to exercise (that and gaining a few more pounds and noting my size in a bikini).

So what now? I don’t know. I’m so tired before and after work (mind you, I work ALL of a part-time job) because of medication, but that ends up really just being an excuse. Every other day I drive 30 minutes to my fiance to stay with him; tonight is one of those nights. It’s just so easy to leave from work. That’s fine, but that means when I stay at home I NEED to exercise. I have a few things going on in my personal life (will probably share it here at some point; why not? As far as I can tell I have one glorious reader – thanks, Meghan!).

Tomorrow I can exercise. Or even tonight I can go on a walk with Mr. Fantastic. Yes, one of those two things will happen. I’ll either walk today or make myself run tomorrow. It’s set!

And in true Hungry Runner Girl fashion, I leave you (plural you?) with two questions:

Have you ever been to Hilton Head or South Carolina?

Do you exercise while on vacation?

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Oh, Running. Where art thou?


As far as running….

Oh, running, my first love. What has happened between us? I don’t like you the way I did.

I’m really struggling with running. I can run for a mile or two but I’m so bored. I ran my marathons without music. Now even with music I can barely make it a 5K. Because of that, I just given up.

I need a plan. I’m eyeballing the Mahomet 5K/half because it, along with Illinois Marathon, is MY RACE. It was my very first race back in 2008. My goal then was under 35:00 and I made it in 34:59 on the dot. This time around I have no goals, just to finish. I don’t care if I walk some of it; I just want to finish!

Same weekend is this critter: Run for God Pinky 5K. A few gals at church are getting together to do it, and I think I’d better join in. NOW, having not run in a couple months, I’m thinking two 5Ks in one weekend might be a bit much. We shall see. Either way, better start running! ASAP. 

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This week I’m poised to head out on vacay to Hilton Head with my bestie and her two kids. My goal is to somehow cut back on sugar (I know I need to give it all up, but that could prove difficult this week; I’m afraid to commit!). Thank you, Jenae (http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/2014/07/how-to-break-the-sugar-addiction-2.html) and Daniel Plan (http://www.danielplan.com) for the inspiration. I don’t NEED sugar and I certainly supplement my diet so heavily with it.


Any luck quitting sugar? I hear you feel amazing. Any thoughts? Advice? Tips?

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Back to Square Uno.


Well THAT happened.

In the last post (almost two years ago!) I ran the Chicago Marathon and finally got down to my goal weight of 125.

Today I’m in a whole new place and at a whole new weight. I’m back up hovering around 165 and haven’t run in months. I haven’t run regularly in more than a year and biking is a big ol’ no show too.

I’m really only here right now because I’m catching up on my running blogs. My life has completely changed. I finished my masters degree in geochemistry, got my dream job, quit my dream job, and have changed career paths. I work at my church until I start my masters in social work next summer. I’m now fiance-ed to the man I’ve loved for the past 9 years (we finally got our act together; no small feat, details another day). I’m sure I’ll get more into all of that later when I need to distract y’all (my faithful non-readers) from the fact that I’ve lapsed in a training program.

But I’m back. I hope.

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