Last year

My last post was nearly a year ago. I’m pleased to report that I made it through the C25K program then. However, I ran into problems with staying motivated DURING the runs.

First I had a run where I did the first ten minutes and then decided to walk for a little bit (5 mins or so). Once I did that I was able to complete the workout. I started doing 5-10 minutes run/5 mins walk/entire workout which messed up my left knee some. Or was it my right? I think it was left.

After that I ended up in a rut where I couldn’t make myself complete each run. For a while I figured it was no biggie and if I did run/walk intervals then it didn’t matter. My times ended up being around the same since I would run so slowly if I did run the whole way.

I did a “biathlon” in June where you run a 5k and then bike 10 miles. Many people — and all the people at my pace — just ran/walked the 5k. When I got to the bike part, my bike was the last left in the rack. Well I got it all done, but I finished dead freaking last. I wasn’t too upset about it. It was actually kinda cool because everyone cheered for me at the finish line! My husband and A were third and second to last but they were just enjoying a nice bike ride. I think A really likes the casual bike rides, and I may too. My bike split was on the slower side, but again I just didn’t mind that much. I was a bit disappointed in the 5k though, but it had been just like practices where I ran/walked and walked more than ran.

I gave up on the running after that.

In some ways it was quite successful though because I finished the program (yay! Mucho thanks to my accountability partner, Megan). Additionally I liked that I was finally able to get into the “zone” (first time since Africa) where I didn’t mind running. I didn’t need music and I didn’t have to force myself to like it. I am disappointed that I kept ending up in the mental block against running during the runs though.

So that was last year.


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