I… read Janae’s blog yesterday (don’t know the specific post since it was in my reader) and she mentioned liking a girl’s Instagram, so I checked it out and liked it so I joined Instagram and chose the username “ILrunner” because I still think about it and I love running more than most things in the world and it’s still a bit of my identity even though I haven’t really run since Africa (summer 2013), though I’ve tried several times, but I friended my sister and my mom and then felt like a fraud for using “ILrunner” as my name since I haven’t run in forever, so I put on the (tags on) Brooks Utopia II tights that I bought back in October (?) that still actually fit – I fit in a L.. from BROOKS. If that’s not a win for the day, then only having RUN yesterday is it! AND that was an awesome run on sentence.

I just did C25K 1-1, but you gotta start somewhere. Again. Anyway, no promises, but maybe I’ll do it again.. successfully. But we’ll see.

I started a new (additional) job a few weeks back. And this is probably one of my two posts for this year. Ick.


purple running shoes

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