I ran! I should be congratulated.

I’m stealing a bit from Jenae’s post today, but can you blame me? I’ve followed her back when she first started and have loved her blog ever since. I took my running blog hiatus (thank you, Google Reader), but came back to her having a beautiful little girl and a not so beautiful divorce. She’s had some changes but one of the bigger changes that might resonate with my experience is that she’s not so driven by the numbers anymore. She’s not as crazy speed-demon-focused as she was before. I dunno. I just enjoy reading her blog. :)


Today I got up “early” with Jim (normal time for most people, early for me since I start work at noon). We have a heat advisory starting at noon so I knew I had to make up for last night’s lack of run early in the morning. Man, am I glad I did! I ran in 75ish degree weather with a similar heat index. By the time I got back it was up to 85 and climbing. It’s only 10:00AM, and we’re already at 101 degree heat index.

Did you see that part where I ran? I RAN! I walked 0.5 mile, ran 1 mile, walked 0.5 mile. I was happy with sticking to that full mile running. I know, I know, I said all that stuff about walk-running being the same as running, but I can still be proud of the little differences and improvements.

I’m definitely not “there” yet since it’s only been two runs and a few days in between them, but I’m a little sad for the day to come when me running isn’t news. At the same time, that means I have a good running habit!

AND! I ran, didn’t use music or a podcast, and didn’t get bored. THAT’s news too.

I didn’t eat so well this past weekend. Turns out…


Back on the wagon with eating. I’ve been tracking food at my old home back on myplate. That profile has seen me through all my weight loss and gain. Turns out food is just as important as exercise. Who knew?

Tonight dinner is little caprese pizzas. Jim and I had already planned out our dinner, then I was surprised to see Jenae had the same thing last night. I hope ours turns out as well as hers! Enough Jenae talk. There really are other people in my life. I don’t even know her! She doesn’t even go here! More home-grown tomatoes. More home-grown basil. :)



Do you or have you tracked your food?

What are some of your favorite blogs?

How hot does it get where you are?

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