Hilton Head…



…was beautiful. The major decision each day was whether to go to the pool or the beach first. Our hotel was right on the beach and had three pools (including one adults-only pool).

I went with two friends and their kids. Not having any kids myself, I enjoyed the responsibility-less life. Of course I helped out.

The ride back was eventful. All within 30 minutes in glorious Nashville, we had traffic, a thunderstorm, one kid try to pee on the side of the highway, later actually able to pee on the side of the highway, one kid pee in a bottle, the highway-peeing boy throw up, the throw up bag explode, vomit in the mouth make one of the adults puke, and the exit after the events awfully far away. The gas station we went to was pretty helpful, and we’re already able to laugh about it.

BUT, one BIG but, I did 0 exercising. And honestly, this blog might be the only reason I’m still a teeny tiny bit motivated to exercise (that and gaining a few more pounds and noting my size in a bikini).

So what now? I don’t know. I’m so tired before and after work (mind you, I work ALL of a part-time job) because of medication, but that ends up really just being an excuse. Every other day I drive 30 minutes to my fiance to stay with him; tonight is one of those nights. It’s just so easy to leave from work. That’s fine, but that means when I stay at home I NEED to exercise. I have a few things going on in my personal life (will probably share it here at some point; why not? As far as I can tell I have one glorious reader – thanks, Meghan!).

Tomorrow I can exercise. Or even tonight I can go on a walk with Mr. Fantastic. Yes, one of those two things will happen. I’ll either walk today or make myself run tomorrow. It’s set!

And in true Hungry Runner Girl fashion, I leave you (plural you?) with two questions:

Have you ever been to Hilton Head or South Carolina?

Do you exercise while on vacation?

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2 Responses to Hilton Head…

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out!

    My family went to Hilton Head several times while I was growing up. I LOVE it there! I need to go back.

    And I don’t exercise while on vacation – but I usually end up walking around a lot, so I count that. :)

  2. Jess says:

    I have been to Hilton Head. The Carolinas coast is my favorite. I don’t exercise while on vacation but I’m attempting to while traveling for work.

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