Oh, Running. Where art thou?


As far as running….

Oh, running, my first love. What has happened between us? I don’t like you the way I did.

I’m really struggling with running. I can run for a mile or two but I’m so bored. I ran my marathons without music. Now even with music I can barely make it a 5K. Because of that, I just given up.

I need a plan. I’m eyeballing the Mahomet 5K/half because it, along with Illinois Marathon, is MY RACE. It was my very first race back in 2008. My goal then was under 35:00 and I made it in 34:59 on the dot. This time around I have no goals, just to finish. I don’t care if I walk some of it; I just want to finish!

Same weekend is this critter: Run for God Pinky 5K. A few gals at church are getting together to do it, and I think I’d better join in. NOW, having not run in a couple months, I’m thinking two 5Ks in one weekend might be a bit much. We shall see. Either way, better start running! ASAP. 

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