Back to Square Uno.


Well THAT happened.

In the last post (almost two years ago!) I ran the Chicago Marathon and finally got down to my goal weight of 125.

Today I’m in a whole new place and at a whole new weight. I’m back up hovering around 165 and haven’t run in months. I haven’t run regularly in more than a year and biking is a big ol’ no show too.

I’m really only here right now because I’m catching up on my running blogs. My life has completely changed. I finished my masters degree in geochemistry, got my dream job, quit my dream job, and have changed career paths. I work at my church until I start my masters in social work next summer. I’m now fiance-ed to the man I’ve loved for the past 9 years (we finally got our act together; no small feat, details another day). I’m sure I’ll get more into all of that later when I need to distract y’all (my faithful non-readers) from the fact that I’ve lapsed in a training program.

But I’m back. I hope.

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One Response to Back to Square Uno.

  1. So happy you showed back up on my reader! So happy for you…hope we can see each other next time I’m in town!

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