Blech. Sick last week, but a couple lovely runs since then.

I love the Garmin I bought in August (610 for those curious). I’ve had a couple snafus uploading data, but I haven’t lost anything. I track my running on dailymile (though I wish they wouldn’t round tenths of miles) so I like that dailymile can pull data from the Garmin site.

I’m please with running this year. It’s my main passion, though I do enjoy biking, swimming, and yoga.

Running accomplishments:

1) I ran my first (3) half marathons this year

2) ~7 minute 5K PR – I was due for this by the time I got it (September), but it really took training for a half to get it. When I ran my first 5K in 2008 I eyeballed the sub-30:00 time with envy. I ran the same 5K in 2010 with a similar time to 2008 (running hiatus), but waited until I knew I could get the sub-30:00 to do another 5K. I got a very solid 28:31. PS – remember this graph? Not too far off (I predicted sub-30:00 in 10/2011; got it 9/2011). Pretty cool, eh?

3) ~11 minute 10K PR – similar to the 5K but with 60:00, but not nearly as strong a desire as the sub-30:00 5K. I surprised myself with the 57:45 (59:45 would have been great!). Upon reflection, I realize the advantage of warming up. My first mile was significantly longer than any of my others.

4) Settling into negative splits. This makes me happy. :)

5) Injury & injury recovery. I got runner’s knee while training for the half and lost a month to the injury. I hopped back into the training and pulled off the half. The injury affected my performance (mile 11 in my race report), but running Lake Sara (first real run after the month off) and finally completing the IL Half proved to me that injury doesn’t have to be the end of running. When I stopped running in 2008 it was due to injury, and it took a year and a half to get out of the mindset that you can’t run without getting injured so why bother. Of course I’ll get injured (currently staving off plantar fasciitis in left foot, post-tibial tendon pain in right foot, and runners knee in both knees), but it doesn’t have to be the end. It also reinforces the idea that I need to be proactive about injury prevention (stretching, foam rolling, strengthening).

6) I’ve begun consistently using running to fight depression, which I’ve struggled with on and off for more than a decade. It doesn’t always work, but it’s a tool. I love the endorphins and I’ve never regretted going for a run.

7) I’m having a great time easily getting run pace averages under 10:00/mile. When I started this year a particularly speedy run was low 11:00s average. Now I can get down to low 9:00s. Very very cool. :)

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