Rattlesnake Master 10K

Last weekend I participated in this race for the second time.

It was a lovely sunny day, just after the DST time change. My 10K PR (from last year’s race) was 1:08:21. In early June of this year I rocked a 1:12:54 in the first heat of the summer (I actually placed really well there compared to other races). In September I knocked 6 minutes of my 5K PR so I was hopeful I could get a decent 10K and *gasp* possibly even sub-60:00??

Here are my splits:

1: 10:08
2: 9:30
3: 9:19
4: 9:29
5: 9:09
6: 9:29
.2: 9:02 pace

Do y’all have any idea how insane those splits are for me? Ridiculous. I definitely see the value in warming up (why do I want to run 7 miles instead of 6.2?). This is also only ~40 seconds over 2x my 5K PR. AND those 40 seconds possibly could have been eliminated if I’d warmed up.

The wind was in-frickin-sane. There was a wall of wind and part of that was uphill as well. Headwind and hills. The gigantic hill I remember from last year was a breeze (thank you, San Francisco).

The website still hasn’t been updated with results (this seemed to take forever last year as well) but I came in around 57:4x. Ridiculous. I was so pumped! ~11 minute PR!

Also, I’ve officially lost 18 lbs in one year. :) Updated picture someday soon…. I look so different from the picture in last year’s post.


UPDATE – Time: 57:45 :)

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