My life has calmed down a little bit and I’d like to start sharing running/biking/swimming/yoga updates again. I’ve joined the HBBC again this year so I need to keep track online what I’ve been doing. I’ve kept dailymile and the race results page up to date (6-minute 5K PR, NWM 2:20:16 and holy hills batman), but I’d like to share more here. It’s a routine and structure is good.

And this happened….


so then this had to happen:

This running thing’d better pan out….

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2 Responses to HBBC :)

  1. Jessica says:

    OMG! So much Gu! haha How is that chocolate one, have you had it yet? I’ve only ever tried the vanilla bean and I like it so much that I’m scared to try a different flavor. Weird, I know. lol

    YAY for the Illinois marathon too! It’s just around the corner with how fast time is flying lately! =D

    PS I was soooo happy to see a post from you pop up in my reader! Huge smile, it’s been so long! Looking forward to more updates!

    • elizabethlacy says:

      I love the chocolate, I love the vanilla, I love the chocolate mint! Those three are my favorites. :) I’m not as crazy about the fruit-flavored ones but I haven’t had jet blackberry or tri-berry yet. I might like the berry ones better than lemon lime or mandarin orange (so gross).

      6 months to 26.2!!! I’m so nervous already.

      I’ll do what I can to keep up!

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