I wish I had more substance to update here, but when personal life takes a beating the blog gets ignored.

Cliff Notes version (I got loquacious):

I did the 40-mile route at Pedaling for Kicks, which was a blast! If that event is any indication of how the metric century will go (in 3.5 weeks!) I’m golden. Even though I was by myself the entire route and didn’t know anyone (won’t be the case for the metric), I had a good time. I’m really looking forward to the 62-miler now.

Logic dictates that I do a 50-mile ride at some point before the metric. When should that be? Do I need to taper like the half marathon? I’m guessing I should get it out of the way soon.

I did the level 2 Monday night ride this week. I think that’s a better ride for me. I leave the beginner rides hoping for more, but it’s been challenging convincing myself I can handle the next level. I’m told there’s a secret Thursday night ride that’s a touch harder than the Monday one that I’ll have to try at some point too.

We’re experiencing a heat wave in the Midwest. The weather websites warn “Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited.” Don’t they know that’s where the good running and biking is? I did a solo mini inverse duathlon last night by biking to the running club’s workout, running 4 miles, biking to get groceries, and biking home. The heat index was 105.

All this biking means my running base sucks right now. This changes this week. I have a half in 4.5 weeks. NOT COOL. My endurance fitness is great and I can handle heat & humidity like a champ, but as someone prone to running injuries, this isn’t such great news for my various tendons and tissues.

Finally, my half training buddy was at the run last night and we somehow formulated this plan to possibly tackle the full next April. Hmm. Thoughts? The only way I can pull this off is by being incredibly proactive about the injury business (I already ice regularly, but add foamrolling and stretching to that list).



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  1. Ashley says:

    Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’m actually going to be at the Illinios State Fair on the same day as the metric century unfortunately, but I’m sure you’ll have a ton of fun! And if you were able to do 40 miles and also the Monday night ride then you should have nothing to worry about. I think the metric century will be a breeze for you… I just hope the weather cooperates for you all though :-).

  2. Candice says:

    Sometimes reading about cycling is like reading a foreign language to me. I perked up when I hit the words “half marathon” though.

    Good luck with the running. If you can handle the heat and humidity, you’ve got it in the bag.

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