31.0 miles of bike

My roommate and I decided to spend 4th of July biking to a delicious ice cream stand in a small town 14.1 miles from our home, eating ice cream, biking back, lounging by the pool, and making veggie burgers.

We do not own bike shorts, so you can imagine our level of activity upon returning to our apartment.

The rest is best told in photos (and captions)

confirming directions

corn! and roommie in corn; this is the only picture of her you'll see since I didn't talk to her about putting them up. You can generally see that she is a person, however.

it was the 4th.

second water break - I was searching for the vole I had recently rehomed.

kinda what it looked like for a long time..

roommie's bike. notice the clean tires.


secret crick.

It was gigantic and yet disappointingly effortless to finish.

reapplying sunscreen

nasty tar & gravel on our tires

kickass spider tar tattoo

I’ve got a couple sunburn spots, soreness, but pride that I can bike 30+ miles!

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One Response to 31.0 miles of bike

  1. Simply Life says:

    wow! that is an impressive bike ride!

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