A little update from Elizabeth World.

1) Mileage has been a bit low, but there are reasons. I mentioned I’ve missed some yoga so I’m trying to be conservative with my knees. Lately running has felt awkward to me, like the motion isn’t one my body can easily do. My last run was just a comfortable 4-miler. Turns out, after two speedwork sessions the weird unfamiliar feeling was my body telling me that a more efficient and comfortable running form is to run faster! I used similar effort as some of my 11:00 min/milers to do ~10:00 min/mile. Very very cool.

2) I went to the “Good Running Form” workshop at the LRS last night and learned that I do heel strike even though I thought I didn’t. At this point I’ll take anything that can help me stay injury free. Mine was significantly less than most of the other people’s strike, but I still have it. It was an interesting and helpful clinic, which I’d recommend to anyone with $10 (charity donation) and 90 minutes. I’m looking forward to implementing the techniques into my next run.

3) I’m back on the losing weight bandwagon. I anticipate seeing 149.x this weekend and I can’t wait! The last time I saw 140s was 2005 and that was very brief. So psyched!!


photo for photo's sake

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