I’ve been consumed with the idea of running for a year. I think about it constantly. I love the passion and hope it stays.


I’ve nixed the summer triathlon idea. The one this weekend didn’t work logistically, the early August one is too pricey, and I’d rather be serious about the 5K PR, metric century, and August half. I’m not ruling out the tri in October yet. I’m consistently incorporating biking into my workout routine, but no swimming yet. I want to compete (not just complete) my first tri. Baby steps.


I skipped both yoga classes last week so it was no surprise to me when my wannabe-8-miler finished at 7 yesterday. I probably could have pulled off the 8 if I hadn’t stopped for water at a grocery store. I need to be careful with my knees. Barefoot running could be a solution in addition to the regular icing, stretching, and foam rolling.


Finally, because these no photo posts are driving me crazy, some pictures from volunteering for the Illinois Marathon almost 2 months ago.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever brave the tri, even if I learn to swim!

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