WTH, blog author?

I dunno.


The good knee that went bad is fine again. Running is good, though I’ve only managed 2x/week lately. Sadly, I’m losing my awesome calf muscle definition from my half training.


I’ve been biking (cycling?) more. I’ve been commuting by bike, walking, hitting up yoga, and attempting the 100 push-up program.


  • group bike rides
  • wickedly hot & humid 10K – 1:12:54, AG 7/13 (my best placing!)
  • second fastest run ever 10:03/mile for 2.7 mi
  • fabulous 7-miler on Sunday
  • seeing improvements on the bike


I’m balancing a few goals right now.

  1. 5K PR: specifically sub-30:00 on July 16th (current official PR 34:44)
  2. metric century August 13th
  3. half marathon on August 20th


I’ve been hitting up against fatigue a little lately. My body needs at least 2 rest days a week. I’m listening to it and not beating myself up about missing workouts. The point is to get stronger, not complete x number of workouts even if I can.


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One Response to WTH, blog author?

  1. Fran says:

    I always need 2 rest days a week, I just plan the other workouts around them f.e. running in the morning and swimming in the evening. Especially the day before a long run I need a rest.

    You’ve had some nice workouts this past week, good job.

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