WTH, Running??

I’m ticked.

I think I finally recovered from the half (woot). Since then (so over 3 weeks) I’ve done a 3 miler, a 4 miler, a 7.3 miler, and 10.6 mi bike. Yesterday, after not running for a week, I set out to tackle an 8-miler and was reduced to a measly 3.7 mi by my “good” knee playing Runner’s Knee.

WTH, running?? My previously bad knee is actually good, I’ve been good with yoga and biking, but now you want to screw up the good side of my body?


I sincerely hope this one doesn’t sideline me for a month.

How do people even get decent miles in? I feel like I’m perpetually injured….

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4 Responses to WTH, Running??

  1. Fran says:

    Oh boy, that doesn’t sound good. Take it easy on the knee and try again in a few weeks. I sure hope so too that this knee won’t bother you now.

  2. :) I totally make breakfast burritos in bulk! Also bean-and-cheese burritos – I microwave them then add in lettuce, tomato, and salsa.
    Hope your knee heals soon!

  3. hahaha! I have that shirt! Love it!

    I used to always be injured, but I started icing and stretching like crazy and things seem to have gotten better.

  4. Stephanie says:

    OMG I LOVE that shirt!! haha

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