2011 Illinois Marathon: 5K

This weekend was a big one with the half, but first up? Volunteering for the 5K on Friday night. The race directors moved the 5K to the Friday before so runners had the option to run both the 5K and a full or half to receive a special I-Challenge medal. I was tempted to attempt this, but decided against it and focus on the half instead. This also gave the 5Kers their spotlight.

I signed up to pass out medals because J was helping A run his very first race. I was redirected to the starting line at first to remove some barricades.


I saw a long lost SUAR fan:

Yay runners!

Metric butt-ton of runners!

I couldn’t find J & A so I headed back to the stadium where I was needed at the finish line for medals.

Runners file through the south end of the stadium, run along the east side, and then turn to head to the 50 yard line to see their finish on the big screen.

waiting for finishers


LOTS of runners!

I had to put the camera away after this. There were so many people ready for medals.

J & A finished. Their time was 34:01 – great for a first 5K!

A with a bunch of medals; he’s been wearing his medal around the house a lot. :)

I’m so proud of him. He’s really excited about his next 5K. He said his goal is not to complain as much during the run (his words!).

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