Race Week!: Thank goodness I’m not doing the full!

Here’s what I know or have planned:

  • I trained to the best of my abilities. I gave it my all.
  • 10K+10K+0.7 mi = 13.1 mi
  • I’ll carry a small bottle of Gatorade to sip every mile or two
  • My bib number is 5361
  • I will take Gu – likely Vanilla first and then Strawberry-Banana.
  • I will wear my knee strap, Bridgedale socks, regular edging-close-to-retirement running shoes with orthotics, RoadID, and Nike+
  • I’m meeting up with people at 6:30
  • I’ll bike to the starting area
  • I’m shooting for 2:30 (barring catastrophes)

Remaining questions:

  • am I ready?
  • music?
  • am I running by myself or with training buddies?
  • ibuprofen?
  • how much Gu? how to carry it?
  • will it rain? if so, how will I change what I wear?
  • how cool will it be? what do I wear?
  • will I need to change into dry socks?
  • will I lose a toenail? (there’s a strong candidate)
  • should I buy something to wear & leave behind at the start?
  • will I freak at such a large race?
  • how conservatively should I start?

And afterward:

  • how will I celebrate?
  • what do I do next week? how do I recover?

I volunteered last night helping to organize the hydration stations. It involved a little more lifting than I had anticipated (hint: only carry one box of Gu at a time and leave the boxes of Gatorade to the guys unless they’re already at arm level). I’m a bit sore today.

boxes and boxes and boxes of Gu!

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One Response to Race Week!: Thank goodness I’m not doing the full!

  1. Fran says:

    You will do great!

    Don’t start to fast! I started out way to fast last Monday which also didn’t help in the heat.

    If music is allowed I would bring it, you can always see if you want to use it. Music helps me to push through.

    I have jackets for Summer where I can zip off the sleeves and always have pockets to carry my Gu.

    I trained for my half with two Gu’s and I had some sports jelly beans. I used to take a Gu after every hour of running.

    You’ve asked if I want to do a half on my own. I thought about that but I’m not going to. I know I can do it. I ran 20K at my last long run before the half so I can do 21.1K too.

    Good luck! Go get them and run a mile for me.

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