Race Week!: Home Stretch

Last night at yoga a storm was on its way so the room was humid and warm. My feet lost traction a couple times but I felt very flexible. That’s probably the closest to a bikram class as I’ll get around here!

I’m loving doing yoga twice a week, but I have the hardest time with the poses that are “easy” to me. For example, hip openers like pigeon, bound angle, happy baby (dead bug?), squats, etc. are pretty easy for me to ease into. However, because my hips are generally pretty open I have problems determining the best place to hold the pose and am constantly corrected for improper leg rotation. I dread them a little. In addition, my arms are a bit short and automatically hyperextend so I can never quite support shoulder stand and clasping hands behind my back is awkward (like in bridge).

It was drizzling by the time I left yoga. I ran over to the food co-op and grabbed some milk and produce.

I checked the weather when I got home. The storm centered further south so, since it appears rain is possible on (THIS! eek!) Saturday for the half, I figured I might as well practice running in it.

It rained. I ran.

mongoose cat for scale; and yes, my shirt celebrates the tully monster as IL's state fossil

I had a great run with no (0) knee pain (!!!!) – just a few nags here and there – and was soaked by the end. It was one of those runs where you body is on autopilot and you fly over puddles and around obstacles. Great run. Towards the end of I heard another runner yell to me “Good to see I’m not the only out here!” Turns out he’s running on Saturday too. I got back just in time for the light show to begin.

Here’s how the rest of the half schedule went:

Last week I encountered my very first (and only) missed schedule run (aside from those missed for injury). I just didn’t plan the day and that week well so I missed the Thursday run. Not too shabby for being the only time that happened during this training though, eh?

I’m unnecessarily anxious about Saturday since I missed the last long run (11 miler) and have only done one 9.8 mi run. I’m assured I will be fine and I know in hindsight I will convince myself that getting my foot and knee back on track was more important than the psychological or fitness boost of that run, but I can’t help but fret. I’m a bundle of nerves right now.

Tonight I volunteer organizing the hydration/fuel stations. I found out too late that this might involve a lot of lifting. I’m not sure my baby triceps* can handle this yet.

*I have baby triceps! I’m so proud of them. They’re from yoga. Rawr.

What yoga poses do you struggle with?

Happy baby is definitely my most annoying.. I generally suck at warrior 3 though.

How close do you stick to a training schedule? Have you ever missed the longest training run?

I missed quite a few runs for my 10K and that seemed to go ok. I’m proud that I was more consistent with the half training.

Do you volunteer for races or endurance events?

I’ve volunteered a few times. I feel like I’m giving back to the running community! I’ve appreciated others’ volunteered time before, so it’s a way for me to reciprocate.

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3 Responses to Race Week!: Home Stretch

  1. Meg says:

    I hate Happy Baby too! I don’t know why a pose with such a cute name is so annoying. I’m pretty terrible at balance poses right now, but I’m getting better!

    You’re going to rock the half!

  2. I’d split doing your Pigeon pose, but then I have never done yoga. Can’t even touch my toes.

    Good luck on Saturday. I failed at my training and will be looking for friends at various locations. You ran 10 already, it’s in your wheelhouse already.

  3. Fran says:

    I’m going to pick up yoga again this weekend. Am not to experienced with it so no poses (yet) I struggle with since I don’t know the names yet.

    In the past 3.5 months when I was training for my half I never missed a long run but I did miss some short runs.

    And I never volunteered yet at a run simply because there aren’t too many runs in and near my town. But I would like to do this one, just to be on the “other side” of the run.

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