Fallacy or truth?

“I’m a slow runner because I’m thirty pounds overweight.” Am I making excuses?

  • when I lose the weight I will get faster
  • I’m just neglecting speedwork
  • I’m genetically predisposed to be a slow runner
  • all of the above?

I feel like this training schedule has my body teetering at its injury threshold (thanks to Lesley for teaching me this concept).

I’ve gained precisely 3 lbs since starting the training. I’m currently a happy camper at 155 but really looking forward to a “normal” BMI come mid-June. Looks like I could have registered as Athena for this race.

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4 Responses to Fallacy or truth?

  1. Fran says:

    Recognizable post. I’m a slow runner too and I do think part of that is because I’m a bit overweighted. I’ve gained too during half marathon training and will work on that after I’ve run it. I do want to get faster because right now I’m finishing in the back almost everytime. I will never finish in the front but I will be happy when I finish in the middle of all the runners.

    That means speedwork in my next schedule. This one had it too but I neglected it too.

  2. Fran is right, if you want to get faster you have to do speed work. Your weight is much less a factor. I used to coach for Team in Training and have seen runners of all shapes run fast.

    And fast is a relative term, most of us will never be in the front 25%, but like you said finishing in the middle 50% is awesome.

    Want some suggestions or advice, I’d be happy to email it to you.

    • elizabethlacy says:

      Then what do you make of people who just start running and are very fast? Is that just genetics?

      I plan on focusing on speedwork and weight loss after the IL half. There’s another half in August I’m hoping to shave a lot of time off for, but we’ll see. My body doesn’t seem to be able to handle much more than what I’m putting it through right now (that injury threshold).

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