Half training: Weeks 8-13

I’ve been quiet so I feel I owe you all a short update. I’ve been pretty busy so not so much downtime to blog.

Here’s how my rollercoaster has gone:

Highlights include (in chronological order):

  • longest bike ride yet which included the largest hill I’ve found around these parts (and can’t wait to get back out there!!)
  • hiked Mt Olympus in a hailstorm (heard thunder!!)
  • heat exhaustion while mapping in Cyprus
  • avoided riots in London while running from one landmark to another
  • kicked butt at the Lake Sara run (11:09 with hILLs and crazy headwind) – particularly for not having a good run in a while….
  • went to my first ever Second Wind organized run
  • lost a toenail on a 4 miler
  • first 2x/wk yoga
  • tried and loved Gu (seriously.. that stuff is gelled magic – made my mile 7 feel like mile 2!)
  • recovering knee
  • injured my foot on the not-quite-10 miler (still not sure what’s going on there)
  • nearly resigned myself to a life as a competitive cyclist due to said injury
  • have found nothing actually wrong with my foot.. I’m guessing a deep-seated bruise from a nodule in my orthotics? time will tell….
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2 Responses to Half training: Weeks 8-13

  1. Marcia says:

    Youve been busy! Hope the foot feels better!

  2. Nice pics from Cyprus. Never been there but have been overseas years ago. it was belittling to be walking into buildings older than our country.

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