Is yoga to blame?

The knee might be better now. I’m really not sure. I did 1.4 mi last Thursday and it seemed better, but now 100%. I considered running last night but went to yoga instead (wonder why..). My time is precious with the trip coming up – tomorrow! ahh! – and I’ll be off for a week & a half anyway. Extra rest can’t hurt, right? Quick run down on my injury: chondromalacia patella. My inner quads are not as strong as the other muscles in my legs so when I run the stronger muscles pull my patella off track, causing inflammation and pain. Good news: not a tendon or ligament; if I can ignore the pain I can run. Bad news: my quads are already pretty strong (I tested a wall sit the other night and did a minute effortlessly).

Here’s my new hypothesis thanks to one of my top three favorite running bloggers, Katie from run this amazing day and everyone’s favorite Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point.





Caitlin correlated her average yoga sessions per week with injury occurrence during training for a half and training for a full. She did more than twice as much yoga (and running) during her full training and had no injuries but sustained two minor injuries during her half training.



Let’s look at my schedule.


Not so fabulous as you go through the schedule. Might be onto something here….

I followed the training plan precisely. I didn’t do too much too soon in terms of miles and the plan started at my running level. I was so frustrated when I first got injured, but I think that’s because the plan is missing something.

Specifically, I haven’t done significant strengthening or stretching aside from yoga. Running is a repetitive sport. If I don’t use all parts of my leg muscles in the forward movement those parts will be underdeveloped in comparison. Biking is similar. Yoga involves more of a whole body workout.

Therefore, unless I can come up with a reasonable alternative, yoga must be my glue and it needs to be as important a component of my training schedule as each run. I might not feel different after one session, but its cumulative effect is likely just as important as any one training run.

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5 Responses to Is yoga to blame?

  1. bearrunner says:

    Wowsers, I always thought Yoga was good for the body! Darn Patella!!!!


  2. katie says:

    i’ve had patella problems too – i mean, i’ve had every injury on the planet at this point. i believe in the yoga. when i don’t go, things fall apart. fingers crossed that it can glue you back together.

    • elizabethlacy says:

      If I’m going to listen to anyone’s advice on injuries it’s you! You’ve seen it all and I keep reminding myself of your “I could give up, you know” post.

  3. Fran says:

    Good post and it reflects what I’m thinking about the past few weeks too. I need more strength but also want to do more yoga. Both will benefit my running.

    See from your schedule that you’re going to Cyprus: have fun!

    And like the new lay-out of your blog.

  4. Nitmos says:

    I like the yoga with bifudis regularis.

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