best raffle ever & ugh.

Please please please please please check out Stephanie Anne’s raffle fundraiser.

  1. It’s a great cause (supporting our vets & troops returning from overseas suffering with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury)
  2. She’s exactly halfway to her goal of raising $1,000, but could use some help!
  3. Your odds of winning one of the many fabulous prize packs is super high.

Would you pay $10 for a RoadID (and hat & socks)?? Umm.. yeah? It’s $20-30 for just the ID! PLUS the $10 you pay is going 100% to charity, not a company (though RoadID is actually a pretty cool company that already donates a portion of every purchase to charity..).

Need Gu? That stuff gets expensive! Get $30 worth of Gu for $10 AND that $10 goes completely to charity!

There’s so many other prizes it’s ridiculous: training logs, socks, jewelry, headbands, shirts, gift cards, hydration belts, etc.

I know I probably sound like a commercial, but I’m really impressed and am anxious to see her reach her goal.




Otherwise I’m alive. I’m so-so. Knee still hurts. I ran 4 of 8 miles on Sat. That didn’t work. Next up: trying a tighter runner knee strap & new shoes.

Meanwhile I’m swamped with presentations, research, packing, and leaving for Cyprus in precisely 1 week. If nothing else I’ll be back March 27th-ish.


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