A few running purchases

I had a date with this guy after I ran the 8 miles a couple weeks ago

Picked this up at an event at the running store last week. We'll be best friends soon.

I bought these at the Nike Outlet on Sunday. I felt a little weird about buying a shirt for an event I didn't run.

And then I saw the price tag PLUS 40% off and it was a no brainer. $6 for a short sleeve tech shirt? $12 for long? I'm sold.

Valentine's Day exchange goodies from my buddy (link goes to her blog)

Finally, new kicks on clearance at the LRS. I won’t need them for a little while still, but the price was right!

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5 Responses to A few running purchases

  1. I bought a shirt at an event last year that was from the previous years race. I did not run in it but it was a brooks lovng sleeve shirt for $5. Awesome for training in. Who cares that you did not run in it. That shirt probably would have been $50 just before the race day. Congrats on the great find.

  2. Nitmos says:

    Normally its a faux pas to wear a shirt for a race you didn’t run. It portends bad mojo.

    But, if the price is right….

  3. ella says:

    I am happy to report that I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and had the time of my life!

    Also, as of two weeks ago, (yes! Feb 2016) I finally broke out those red Alchemies. For foot coverage in a lab. I heart my Nirvanas (no longer made).

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