February Numbers

February Goals:

  • Continue increasing mileage and shatter those January records I just set
  • Keep up with the training plan and make a commitment to add in cross-training
  • More consistently stretch & foam roll after running
  • Make a stab at that unofficial 5K PR
  • Keep an eye on calories / weight (which means maintaining or possibly losing a little)

February Achievements:

  • Ran 57.66 miles (up 6.36 miles from January)
  • Biked 17.9 miles
  • Swim & yoga once each
  • stretched more
  • didn’t miss a run
  • set new unofficial 5K PR (31:44) on a 4-miler which was also a PR at 41:01.

Looking forward I see I often miss the mark on my goals because I don’t think about them. Therefore in March I’m going to set an easy goal that I’m sure will be present in my mind the entire month long:

March Goal:

  • heal my knee
  • cross-train
  • improve my monthly bike mileage
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