Half training: Week 4 – breaking records :)

Another good week!

I missed yoga on Monday due to prep for the impending snowstorm. The same snowstorm enabled me to go swimming on Wednesday.

Monday’s run was another fast one. I did NOT want to go out on this run, but that quickly resolved 1/5 of the way in. It ended up being a great run with a fast pace for me, only my second time at 10:29. We’ll see if today is a repeat performance.

Wednesday’s swim was fun! Each time I go swimming one of my first thoughts is “wow! I forgot how much I really like swimming!” I did 1500 yards – the same as my swim in November – but I know I swam harder. I connected more laps, attempted my flip turn (mind you, no one’s ever taught me this so I’m sure I’m not doing it correctly), and felt more exhausted at the end.

Thursday’s run was bad, but I already ranted about that. 4.5-4.9 miles, averaged 11:34 (?).

Later on Thursday I went to a seminar about stretching. We all did a stretching routine (perfect because it was right after my run!) and had a good Q&A.

Saturday’s run was wonderful! I was running late because it was snowing and I had to remove the snow-turned-ice-blocks-of-doom encasing my windshield wipers. I pulled up and saw the group run by. I hurried into the meeting place, put on my Yaks (necessary!), and took off. It took a few minutes to do this so I figured I’d only see people on their way back. I’m not sure how fast I was running but I passed a three people before the first mile so I wasn’t too far behind. The Yaks helped big time! The roads weren’t too bad in the beginning but snow accumulated quickly and I ended up driving home in a white out!  The plan called for 6-7 miles; I was planning on running 6.5 to keep to the 10% rules (weekly and long). I caught up with the 12:00 minute pace group at mile 4. They were going a little bit slower than I was but I was happy to have company! I caved to peer pressure and went for the 7! I was nervous about running 7 next Saturday but I took that milestone this week. 7 is my longest run ever. I averaged 11:56.

Total mileage: 15.5-15.9 (highest ever!)

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3 Responses to Half training: Week 4 – breaking records :)

  1. katie says:

    woohoo, fantastic week! great job getting through 7!

  2. GREAT WEEK!! You are amazing and you are inspiring me to swim!! LOVED the PC story. The Heber Creeper…I have been on that and it is so slow…ha, not very dangerous! Have a great weekend!

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