January Numbers

Goals? Umm.. guess someone forgot to set any back when she reviewed December. ;)


  • Running: 51.3 miles (up 30.19 from December)
  • Started Half training and didn’t miss any training runs
  • Yoga 3x

I’m happy. :) I think a lot of my success in January compared to December is credited to figuring out what works for me in winter weather and feeling accountable to the training group. I missed a lot of workouts during my 10K training and I feel that if I had taken it more seriously in the beginning and given it the commitment it deserved I could have finished stronger. The 10K went fine but I’m truly nervous about the Half. I want to line up on April 30th and, regardless of my nerves, trust my training. The only way I can do that is by giving it my all right now. In January I went out there and ran when I didn’t want to and in horrid conditions. I know this will pay off.

January marks my highest monthly mileage (51.3), my highest weekly mileage (14.21), and potentially my longest distance run (6.21?).


February Goals:

  • Continue increasing mileage and shatter those January records I just set
  • Keep up with the training plan and make a commitment to add in cross-training
  • More consistently stretch & foam roll after running
  • Make a stab at that unofficial 5K PR
  • Keep an eye on calories / weight (which means maintaining or possibly losing a little)
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