December Numbers

Wait.. that was a long time ago, right? Yep.

Well let’s not procrastinate any longer!


  • run 4x a week (recovery, speed, recovery, long)
  • continue increasing monthly mileage
  • bike 25 miles (weather dependent)
  • weights at the gym 4x
  • lose 4 lbs
  • make and eat a lasagna


  • I was a bum. I ran, like, 2x a week.
  • Ran 21.11 miles (down 17.32 miles from November).
  • gym & yoga once each
  • lost 3.1 lbs (a 5K – haha)
  • ate that lasagna!

December was a tricky month.  I experienced the first real challenges of cold weather running. I encountered snow, ice, bitter cold temperatures, and decreasing daylight. I also moved, donated blood for the first time, and dealt with the holidays – each which interfered with my workout schedule. I did run and did my best to eat well (for HBBC and weight loss).

Not a total wash but certainly not a strong month.


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2 Responses to December Numbers

  1. dee says:

    I happen to think you did stellar for December! :-)

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