A late evening TTT

Please forgive me; apparently I can only have good runs or bad runs. All bad runs are mediocre during the run and redeemed later when I get the workout high and feel the endorphins kick in. All good runs are not too painful during and fantastic after because OMG I RAN AND IT WAS FABULOUS AND I’M FABULOUS AND WOW LIFE’S GREAT!! In reality, though, there are only good runs and bad runs when it’s happening. Occasionally there are great runs (3 times so far). Rarely are truly awful runs. Tonight was one.

I ran on a treadmill. It was a terrible run. Coincidence? I think NOT. Here are the reasons it sucked.

1) Ran into someone I don’t like in the locker room. I actually don’t not like her, but we’ve never done the “hi, I’m so&so” “oh hi! I’m this&that!” “so wonderful to meet you!” and I find it rude that we haven’t because we’ve been in classes together since 2006. Of course, I’ve never initiated the “hi” thing either – hypocrite, I know – but she initially came off as a chronic brown-noser and I didn’t see the point. She’s never been nice to me, though I swear I’ve smiled at her before. I’m also aloof and awkward in groups so that doesn’t help. Anyway, I pick an empty aisle of the locker room to change and guess who comes prancing in? This&this! Of allll the aisles available (easily 10) I happened to pick the one where her freaking locker was. So we do the whole ignore each other because we don’t “see” each other thing. Yes, I know I sound like I’m 13 (but apparently I act like a teenager, like, half the time anyway, so it fits! – sorry.. totally different rant fueled by an accusation from a particularly immature 16 yo). This goes pretty well considering we’re 10′ away from each other. I go to the bathroom hoping she’ll be done when I get back, but nope. Her best bud (a person I don’t like less – and here I mean literally don’t like, not dislike) joins her and she takes the initiative and does the mature “Oh hi! I didn’t know you were here!” and I come off with an impressive “oh, wow, yeah, hey!”. Anyway, just awkward and incredibly immature. Ran into someone I didn’t want to see.

2) Pick one or more of the following:

  • Nike+ hates treadmills
  • Treadmills hate Nike+
  • Nike+ is having mood swings
  • Treadmill is wrong
  • I’m accustom to running in below freezing temps
  • I didn’t eat right beforehand
  • I’ve actually been running 12:00 miles for years

I don’t know but it was frustrating. I stopped three times to walk (err.. drink water) and ultimately cut the run short at 4.5 mi (or was it 4.7? we’ll never know).


3) The treadmill mocked me.

Somebody please tell me why, on a treadmill, you would want to visualize a track? Isn’t it bad enough you’re doing the hampster dance? Why pretend you’re running circles on top of that? Here’s the despicable graphic:

Yay! I’m running in circles and staying in one place! I got through 4 laps on this guy before discovering:
But look! Indeed there are multiple graphics one can view while pounding away at the ‘mill. There’s a graph depicting incline or speed, a mountain.. (that just sits there), OR a 5K Nature Path!
Man is this sucker boring! I was expecting a pretty video of nature scenery to run “past” but in fact it’s the aerial view of a 5K path with the slowest little red dot ever. Positively painful.
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4 Responses to A late evening TTT

  1. Jess says:

    Ahhh that kind of day at the gym sounds like my worst fear and why I hate going. I’ve also never understood why treadmills insist on providing a track as a graphic, though that one’s pretty fancy! I love the way you described it, running in circles while running in place… lol so true, and what the hell is up with the random mountain!? hahah Stupid. Sorry your run was so awful! <3

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