Half training: Week 2

So far so good on the half training! I haven’t missed any runs yet, and I’ve been to yoga once a week. I’m tossing around the idea of doing yoga twice a week and/or swimming. No promises yet. :) This was the first week of classes so things are a bit stressful.

Monday’s yoga was good. I woke up a bit sore across my shoulders the next day so mission accomplished.

Tuesday’s run was one of the best I’ve had (it ranks up there with the Indy Moonlight 4-Miler and a random 5.5-miler in December up at my parents’). I ran through the neighborhood and on campus after work. It was dark and quiet on the neighborhood streets, spotted with people on campus, then back to quiet at the end. I wore the Yaks which make a funny noise on the pavement. There were lots of little hills, and I felt strong though I wasn’t running very quickly. Averaged 11:00.

Thursday’s run was cold again (temp 20/WC 10) with snow. I ran at lunchtime. Many of the sidewalks were plowed but not all. I was running on a long stretch that wasn’t plowed and overheard two other runners comparing the change between unplowed sidewalk and the plowed street at an intersection to stepping off a treadmill. The snow was deep enough that it was similar to running on sand. I put forth my best effort but it was tough to maintain a good pace AND tell that snow where it needed to go! I ran The Hill. Averaged 11:30.

Saturday’s run was my second group run with the training group. I had fun running with two people the entire time. Conversation is a nice distraction. I was even able to finish with a small burst of speed at the end. It was very cold and windy though (temp 6/WC -2). We averaged 11:20.

Total mileage: 12

Earlier I was a bit bummed about my average paces, but I was overlooking that I’m running in trying conditions: extreme cold, sand-like snow, above average headwind, etc. I’ve decided recently that I don’t care as much what my pace is when there’s at least one significant challenge. I’m going to run a pace that feels challenging but also takes into account the length of the run. I was aiming for 11:00 on that Saturday run, but it just wasn’t worth it. It was hard enough as it was.

I’ve also realized that running is a balance of dedication and sanity. The Saturday morning run could have been completed later in the day, on a different day, on a treadmill, or not at all. Any of those might have been a saner choice. I spoke with another local runner who ran on Friday morning (our coldest day so far: temp -11/WC ?). He said that, among other things, he was curling under his toes between every strides to maintain warmth. That’s my line between dedication and sanity.

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2 Responses to Half training: Week 2

  1. Fran says:

    Well done on last weeks training!

    I have planned all my runs till my half in April and I hardly ever run at a different day or time than planned. Because my life is pretty busy as it is and I don’t have much other options. So if it’s cold or raining or even snowing on Saturday morning I still go for my run because I know myself and just know it won’t happen in the afternoon.

    • elizabethlacy says:

      That makes a lot of sense. I think I might be doing the same subconsciously. If I don’t go Mondays & Thursdays it throws off Saturdays and vice versa!

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