Mindless 4-Miler Drivel

I don’t run with music. I used to run with podcasts just to have something to think about but running by myself really doesn’t bore me. I think the whole time though it’s hardly profound. Enough blood is relocated from my brain to my legs & lungs that the stupidest things captivate my mind. Running is my me time. I’m alone and my mind is emptied of the regular concerns. Here’s my train of thought from today’s 4-miler. Consider yourself warned: it’s painfully boring.


12:48. I’m starting off a bit late.

Hey look! Yaktrax footprints! I DO leave special little tracks behind. How cute. It’d be cuter if the tracks looked like little yak hooves.

I don’t think I need the Yaks today. Let’s see how it is once I get past the shiny spot on the sidewalk.

Just water! Yay! Definitely don’t need them. I can stop in the bus stop and take them off.

12:53. Time to run!

Hmm.. I broke a nail. I’ve been meaning to paint them.

I haven’t been in a bus stop in years. Haha, (coworker’s SO) couldn’t figure out why people were just “standing around on the corners all the time,” (he’s from a small town around here; he’s never been on a bus).

I can just carry the Yaks. Hmm… why is that one flapping against my hand? I should turn it around.

Much better. I should probably pay attention to where my feet are going.

Wow! No ice! I love this! Wow, it’s weird to run without the Yaks… actual traction!

I’m flying! I wonder if my watch is wrong again. Probably. 0.56 miles at the turn. This stretch should be exactly 1 mile. We’ll see how that goes.

Running on the shoulder is a good idea. I’m glad they have this bike lane here. I can see *every* car. I could jump over a car if it came at me. No I couldn’t. I could jump off the shoulder though into the cushy snow. I hope I don’t hit that barbed wire fence. I probably wouldn’t make it to the fence. As long as there isn’t an electric current I should be ok.

Bird on a wire. How come they don’t get electrocuted but electrical fences zap you without you touching another one? Well one’s meant to do that.

Watch still thinks I’m going fast (sub-10:00). This can’t be right. I’m probably doing 11:00 if anything. How sad. I’ll never get faster. At least it’s warmer today.

My lungs don’t hurt. That’s good. Do they hurt in general in the cold? Everyone else’s do….

I think I’m closer to the end of this stretch than the beginning. I don’t want to turn around to look though.

That looks like my old car. I wonder if it IS my old car (I’ve seen it twice around town since I sold it). That was a good car.

Oh yeah, 10:00. Probably wrong, but nice to pretend.

Time to turn! What’s the distance? 1.58! Wow! The watch is working correctly… so I’m actually running that fast! Cool!

Man, it pays off to NOT run in 0 degree wind chill! Yay! I might actually break a 10:00 average for real someday.

I do run a lot. I guess I’m a runner if run in the conditions I’ve been running in lately.

(building off in the distance) I’m running all the way to there. Seems far. It’ll go by quickly enough.

No cows today. I hope they’re somewhere warm and safe.

Running with people is fun. Conversation is a good distraction.

At this point random phrases enter my head and I repeat them over and over or spell them out; I don’t get it either. Must just be the low oxygen to the head thing.

Hey look! There’s the hill! Haha, bye-bye hill. No hill today.

I should see how long this stretch is. Start = 2.33.

Cyprus is going to be challenging. I’m going to miss the fartlek run. I should email (half training director). Dear Jan, I’m going to miss about a week and a half of training. I’m fairly sure we’ll be hiking everyday and either won’t have the time or won’t have the energy to run at all. And I’ll only be eating bread, cheese, and olives. Actually that sounds pretty good except for the hate part of my love-hate relationship with olives. Olive you. Olive malbec. Mmm.. malbec. I should go to (local wine place) and pick up that bottle of $11.99 malbec. It’s double punch day today. I should drink wine more often.

I should stop and retie my shoe up at the corner. There’s a utility box there.

Corner! I should wait to retie my shoe. Wow. That utility box is much taller than I remember. End = 2.68. That stretch was 0.25 miles.

I thought there was a steam vent up here so I could retie my shoe. Hmm.. I guess it doesn’t make sense to have one here anyway (right next to a parking lot).

Eek. Slow. Hill. Hills and headwind. I can do it!

That stoplight is far up there.

More random phrases running through my head.

I missed the 3.1 mark. My time is 35:something at 3.36.

Aw, yeah! Got rid of that hill and we’re doing better.

I could beat that car to the intersection. I think. Oh yeah, no problem.

Wow.. I sped up there. Sub-10:00 for a little while now. Niice. Maybe I’ll have a good average pace!

The half finishes here except going the other direction. Maybe I could run my route going that way. No, that wouldn’t work. (the route has changed from what I remember the first year so this was wrong)

I can’t make that intersection in time. I’ll just turn and run up this sidewalk instead. 3.68. One mile again. Perfect.

Ugh. Hill. So close to being done! Push through it!

Grrr. That patch of snow messed up my Nike+ sensor. I guess it was small though.

So close! 3.93.

Aw yeah, done & done!

Oh yeah. All done.


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3 Responses to Mindless 4-Miler Drivel

  1. Kovas says:

    So similar to the conversations I have with myself, probably true for most runners.

  2. Rae says:

    You are hilarious!

    Nice fast run!

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