Half-Marathon Training Started

Where to even start?

I registered for the half at the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. This event eludes me. I want this medal to be my first. It’s only three years old but I’ve already flirted with this event so much.

Quick timeline:

  • June 2008: Elizabeth starts running
  • July 2008: Elizabeth wins Nike+ in a raffle and flirts with the idea of running Nike’s Human Race at the end of August (10K)
  • August 2008: Elizabeth comes to her senses and runs the Mahomet 5K instead, first race ever
  • September 2008: Elizabeth loves running
  • October 2008: Elizabeth hears about the very first Illinois Marathon and figures she can run it if she joins local running club’s training group. Training group requires 6 miles by December.
  • November 2008: Elizabeth tries too much too soon to get to the 6 miles and is out of commission as of the first training group run

I had already registered for the half and paid for the training group. I gave up on running and figured it was just too easy to get injured. Instead I volunteered at packet pick-up the night before and volunteer check-in (aka finish chute set-up) the day of. I had a blast but felt like I was on the wrong side of the table. I got the sweet tech shirt but I really should have been running.

Last year I volunteered setting up the huge balloons mile markers along the course.

This year.. this is the year I run it (I hope). I’ve registered for the half and the training group which started this past week.

Kick-Off Event

Last Tuesday was the kick-off for the training group. The program consists of long runs on Saturday mornings, a couple speaker sessions, a 15K in early April, and a celebration post-race party. Included in the price is a long-sleeve tech shirt and a year membership to the running club. Not bad, eh? One of the organizers remembered me from two years ago even though I just attended the first run. I was impressed!

First Run

Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday morning for the first run and the temperature was 8 with a windchill of -8. I’ve never run in anything colder than the teens so I felt guilty but decided against going. I don’t have the gear to run in that cold. I didn’t miss my run, though. I looked at the forecast and saw that the windchill would be highest around 2PM (a whopping 6 degrees) so I ran 5 miles then. I’m sad I missed the first run but no regrets otherwise. I froze my tuckus off! It was a slow 11:13 but again, awfully cold. I saw three deer and four cold kitties. I can’t imagine running that morning at 8AM. When I got home I tried to warm up under a blanket but my cold body had the opposite effect on the insulating layer of air (think beer cooler vs. hot soup in a thermos). I hopped in the shower after an hour and finally warmed up. I don’t think I realized how cold my core got when I was running. I’m glad I made it back safely.

3-Day vs. 4-Day

The training program has two schedules: running 3-day/wk vs. 4-day/wk. Ideally I’d like to get to the 4-day so I can incorporate tempo runs, but I need to respect where I am fitness-wise. This week the 3-day program calls for (4-5,) 2-3, 2-3, 4, and the 4-day program calls for (4-5,) 3, 2, 3, 4. I chose to go for 5 on Saturday so I’m sticking with 3-day this week (they’re somewhat interchangeable). I need to keep my overachieving drive in check and my tendons happy. There’s no award for most complete training schedule. We all start at the same line come April 30th.

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5 Responses to Half-Marathon Training Started

  1. abbi says:

    Yay on starting the half plan – you’ll get that medal!

  2. Dee says:

    GET IT GIRL! I’m so proud of you! :)

  3. Melissa says:

    Fun!! I love starting training plans!

  4. Lauren says:

    I am excited for the Christie Clinic event too! I’m running the marathon, and I think it’s great you’re training with a group!

    One thing that I incorporated into my trianing program is switching weeks of 3 days v/s 4 days of running. I know that schedules will change a bit, but generally I’ll switch off between those two.

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