Holiday Blog Gift Exchange

I joined Jill’s Holiday Blog Gift Exchange a few weeks back and sent out my present to my buddy last week. The other day in the mail I received the sweetest gift from Sherri from Running Rocks.


It’s a blackberry-colored headband and a little running wrist wallet. How cool! I’ve recently begun collecting headbands and this one fits right in.  It’s so thick, stretchy, and soft. I can’t wait to run with it but I need to wait for it to get a bit warmer since my ear warmer would be in the way.

Also, how cool is that wallet? I can carry a cell phone, keys, emergency mula, maybe even an ipod? Last week I ran with my cell and keys in the butt pocket of my running tights and it was quite uncomfortable (things were heading south..). PLUS I might start doing energy gels with the half training so I’ll need a place for that too! *sweet*


Thank you, Sherri!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Holiday Blog Gift Exchange

  1. Great gift – happy holidays Elizabeth!

  2. Dee says:

    Hey! where did my comment go? Umm, anyway – I wanted to say nice gifts!

  3. ella says:

    Yeah, totally don’t know where these things went. Probably to someone else for an RAOK.

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