Rattlesnake Master 10K

I ran my very first, only, rather long 10K.

Short version: gorgeous day, started quick, settled towards the back, and passed 4 people, finished with 8th last. No official time yet (is that normal?), but guessing around 1:08:22 – just over 11:00/mile, did nothing for the rest of the day. Update: official results are up, I did 1:08:21 at 11:01/mile.

Long version:

I picked this race because it’s a local 10K. The girls I’ve been doing C25K with finished just in time to do the 5K. My boyfriend also did the 5K after deciding 3.1 miles is the farthest he ever wants to run at once but will make exceptions for the occasional 4-miler.

Me: The time changes tonight so instead of dealing with that we should just pretend the race starts at 10:00 tomorrow.
BF: Sounds good.
What he heard: The race starts at 10:00 tomorrow.

Result? Frantic running around at the last minute to get down there in time. I approximated 40 mins to get to the start which would mean arriving as the gun went off. Fortunately, my approximation was based on weekday traffic so that coupled with a bit of speeding got us to the race with 20 mins to spare. I forgot my ipod which was a bummer but didn’t really matter that much. I usually run with podcasts if I’m alone, but it’s hardly a requirement.

The 5K and 10K started at the same point but in different directions. The 5K headed north to create a square in the first loop (ignore the mile 5 / mile 3 detour above) then cut through the center along a trail to the finish. The 10K heads south first to go through a subdivision then back north up to the 5K route adding the mile 5 / mile 3 detour. I think it’s neat how they use the same start and finish lines. My goal for this race was simply to finish.

I started off towards the back of the 10K pack but when the race started I realized these 10K competitors were no joke! I ran a faster first mile (I’m usually very good at starting slow) at 10:54. Once the fast (normal) runners got ahead and the pack thinned out I heard one runner on my heels. At the right turn after mile 1 I was able to glance behind me and see that there were 3 runners. I was 4th last, but not last! I passed someone who looked like she’d be in my age group on the trek west out of the subdivision. 4 people behind me!

Once I started heading north again I cruised down a hill to mile 2. We rejoined the 5K-ers (and the fastest 10K runners!) and continued without event until turning south after mile 3. At soon as I turned south I was hit by a wall of strong wind. I took water at the water station and played hide and seek with the 10K runner in front of me. He was doing running and walking intervals. I think he was tired because I didn’t see him until the water station and his intervals weren’t very consistent. I was excited for a moment when there were 5 people behind me then he passed me and it was back to 4.

5 behind me, 4 behind me, 5 behind me, 4, then finally 5 behind me for sure at mile 4!

Towards the end of the drama with Interval Man I came up on another runner who could have been in my age group. I passed her before the second water station. 6 behind me!

As I passed the finish area I heard a mini cheering squad call my name. That was fun! My boyfriend decided he’d run alongside me for a while. He kept me company through the rest of the race except for the 10K detour. I asked him how the 5K went for everyone. He said he didn’t know how he did because he didn’t have a watch and missed the gigantic clock at the finish line. He did say his first mile was under 10:00 so he was optimistic he had a good time. Unfortunately, official times are still not posted so we have no idea how we all did.

I spotted the next 10K runner along the detour and considered trying to pass him. He was still looking pretty strong so I finally gave up on passing him around mile 6. Then, along the trail run I had my break! A branch snagged his headphone cord, slinging his walkman out of his pocket. He stopped for a quick second to look for it and headed on. I asked him what he lost, he told me, and the boyfriend stopped to look for it. I assured the runner that he was just keeping me company at this point so he wouldn’t lose any time looking for it. We ran together towards the end and heard “found it!” from behind. At this point I was giving it all I had and passed him in the last 0.1. 7 behind me! I do feel a little bit bad about passing the guy because I didn’t have the sprint I had at the Mahomet 5K but I definitely felt strong (though I let the volunteer take the tag off my bib for me).

right after I finished - I swear I was happier than I look!


Very soon after I finished we headed to Courier Cafe to eat some delicious food, and I proceeded to do nothing else of consequence for the rest of the day.

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10 Responses to Rattlesnake Master 10K

  1. Jessica says:

    Yay, you did awesome! I’d feel so anxious waiting for the official results though, I hope they’re posted for both of you soon! I really need to start a training log and sign up for some shorter races. I haven’t run one since high school and I love reading all about yours, so inspiring! Already extra amped for another run in the morning now! =P Congrats on your first 10k!!

    • elizabethlacy says:

      I’m on dailymile if you want to be friends on there. :) I think the log and this blog keep me motivated to get going. I’m looking forward to NWM with you!!!!

  2. abbi says:

    Congratulations on the 10K!

  3. Rae says:

    Great job! I really don’t like when results aren’t posted quickly. Hopefully you find out soon.

  4. Lindsey says:

    “towards the end of the drama with interval man…” HAHA!! I’m so proud of you for running this! :)

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