Week 6

While not perfect, Week 6 went much better than the previous two.

On Monday I did my long run from the previous week. My pace was a bit slow (11:17) and my tendon started kicking in around mile 2. Later that evening I went to yoga for the first time since August. Man was I sore the next morning!

I don’t think I’ve ever run two days in a row before, so I only ran 2 miles on Tuesday to stay close to schedule (no ptt issue). I also walked for an hour which is a HH-approved form of cross-training!

Thursday I ran (no ptt issue) and walked a little. I had the 4-mile race on Saturday (ptt kicked in at 2 miles).

My goal this week is to stick to the schedule as closely as possible which means biking in the evenings for cross training and either going to the gym on Thursday for weights or doing planks, lunges, and other exercises at home for strengthening. I’ll likely run closer to 3 miles on Thursday and will probably swap Friday and Saturday.

I can’t believe how close the 10K is!

I also have my referral to go to the orthotic specialist about my ptt. It’s the same tendon with the same issues from two years ago. Hopefully Mr. Bob can fix it. :) I’ve been doing my exercises and wearing my Vibram Five-Fingers more for strengthening.

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