Week 4

Last week:

I woke up early and ran my second 4 mile run Sunday morning then took off for a funeral in Kansas.

The 4 miler felt great. :) It wasn’t too hard and I felt like I accomplished something. It was slow (11:16) but my post-tibial tendon (ptt) kept calm the entire time. I credit the slow pace coupled with regularly doing my exercises from PT. I might step up the pace a little bit for the next long run.

As I mentioned last post, last week sucked in terms of sticking to the plan and I’m a bit disappointed that this week is shaping up similarly.


This week:

Kansas was a painful trip for a few reasons: 1) it was a funeral, 2) it’s Kansas (sorry, Kansans), 3) we drove, and 4) got trapped into a conversation with an excitable creationist with an engineering background who wanted to argue the science behind creationism. We got back late on Tuesday so I missed my run and Monday yoga.

I’m hoping to do a long ride this weekend and Monday will mark my return to yoga!

Just about 3 weeks to race day!

What do you think about weekly recaps on Mondays or Tuesdays? I like having the training plan and actual activity next to each other. I know I slipped up last week and I think it’s good to have it posted up in all its embarrassing glory.

Have a great weekend!

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