Where are we now?

Umm.. wow. Yeah. Running, huh? I’m mostly sticking to the HH 10K Novice program though not without slip-ups.

Here we go:

+1 Challenging my pace (sub-10:00 woo!)

-1 Still painfully slow average on long runs

+1 Eating relatively well

-1 Haven’t been to yoga (scheduling issues, should be resolved for next Monday)

+1 Ran my longest run since 2008 (4 miles!)

-1 Slacking on consistent cross-training

+1 Hiked a bunch on Sat and biked frequently during the week

-1 Missed a run this week

+1 Think I can make it up and still get back on schedule..? Might be better to focus on strengthening & stretching

-1 Lost my Nike+

+1 Found my Nike+!

-1 Need to focus more on stretching and strengthening for injury prevention

+1 Running later today :)


There’s my pitiful update. The 4 mile run was pretty good. I averaged just over 11:00 but I think my slowest parts were due to a crazy headwind and/or battles with hills. My right PTT stiffened around 2.5 mi but didn’t get to painful point it did a few weeks ago. I finished the run fine and have resumed strengthening exercises for it. I felt good at the end of the run. At this point I’m just crossing my fingers that I can keep this up sans injury. And yes, I realize the answer to that is consistency with cross-training, stretching, and strengthening.

More on that tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Where are we now?

  1. Rae says:

    I think you’re doing great! Sometimes life happens and you can’t always do what you have planned, but tomorrow is a new day. Keep it up!

  2. samantha says:

    Wow that is a cool race!

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