8/23 to 8/29 in review

I took up biking last week which led to surprising similarities to the 10K training plan I’ve been considering:

I still have a couple weeks of downtime before I need to embark on this training if I’m going to run the 10K in November, so I think I’ll loosely follow the first couple weeks and take my time as necessary so I can ease into the mileage.

On commenter Mark’s suggestion the Thursday run had a few faster intervals at the start (ran C25K 1-1 with the new running buddy and she can book it!) then a mile at my slower pace. Sunday’s run was easy and slow but these will morph into the distance/endurance runs. I worry that I’m getting too comfortable running slowly but it was late (~10PM) and my right post-tibial tendon (PTT) began acting up at mile 2 so I felt justified.

My right PTT was the tendon that stopped me running last time I started running. I’ve been doing my PTT exercises religiously since Sunday and ran 2.3 mi with my orthotics without pain yesterday; I haven’t run with the orthotics since I bought new shoes. I’m very worried about this affecting my running, but so far I’ve dealt with minor tweaks of my IT band, hip flexor, and plantar fasciitis. Hopefully this will also go away with stretching, icing, and strengthening exercises.

On a tangent, all of those issues have been on my right side. Is that indicative of something? I’ve been examined before and don’t have uneven leg lengths.

I have more to share (biking details, August in review) but I’ll save it for a future post this week.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for checking in on my little corner!

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2 Responses to 8/23 to 8/29 in review

  1. Mark says:

    Nice cross-training mix with the biking and yoga… great fit with the HH 10K plan. Glad to hear you’re planning to do a little speed work too and have a new running buddy to help set the pace. Ramp up gradually and stay healthy. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Happy training.

  2. Rae says:

    Looks like you’re doing the same 10K training plan I’m doing!

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