Walked at lunch, then yoga! I think I summed this up yesterday.


Woke up early and ran the hilly neighborhood again. The weather was fan-tastic. I kept about a 11:00 pace including running up THE hill a couple times. This was the first workout of week 9 (30 minutes) and I made it about 2.75 miles. I’m a little concerned that I’m not going to actually train the 3.1 distance before the race, but I felt like I could go for a few more minutes at the end of the workout. I should be ok on Saturday?

I also did my mini strength workout Tuesday evening: 2×15 lunges, 3×10-breath planks, 3×10 wall push-ups.


Walked at lunch.


Finally, this morning I had planned on running C25K 9-2, but decided against it. Here’s my justification (and feel free to let me know what you think!).

I was very tired yesterday (all day, but mostly in the evening – I went to bed at 8:30). I originally planned running 28 mins Sunday, 30 mins Tuesday, 30 mins today, then the 5K on Saturday. I decided that maybe running this morning wouldn’t allow me to properly recover by Saturday since I was already pretty wiped out last night. Instead I’m thinking about running that hill a bunch of times tonight at a faster pace for about 20 minutes. For the record I’ll probably walk 3.6 miles today at lunch.

Good or bad idea? I could really use the feedback to decide what to run (or not run!) tonight.

Thanks! :D

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One Response to 8/16-8/17

  1. Dee says:

    I think you should listen to your body.

    I have been reading other runners blogs and they seem to do a taper week right before the race. But I’m not a runner so I could be wrong. However, I think it’s best to rest if you’re feeling super tired so you’ll feel well enough to finish strong on your race day. :)

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