Plan D happened though, if you notice in the comments, Plan E was nearly formed.

Here’s what pushed me over the edge:

Twitter (as paraphrased by moi)

  • Awesome chica who totally cracks me up with her tweets: I just want to go home, not yoga but I should go to yoga. I’ll feel better.
  • Me: OMG you should totally go! It’ll be good for you and you’ll be so proud of yourself for going and doing it!


  • Me: Huh. I guess I should take my own advice.
  • ACWTCMUWHT: Thanks and yup.

So I ran. With a heat index of 103 (in which NOAA advises against exercising). I took it purposefully slow (12:00) and it wasn’t that bad! Week 8 is three 28 minute runs. It was far better than my last run (super hot) and I didn’t really notice it was 3 minutes longer than my past four runs. I even had enough energy to finish with a sprinted 9:00.

It was still quite hot out so Moey was left behind this run. He joined me for my cool-down walk and still had energy to pose for a picture. Good puppy. :)

still smilin'! also, I swear this isn't my only running outfit. and yes, we're one of THOSE neighbors with dead grass but tomatoes and peppers growing from buckets.

Check out my sweet Bondi/Sweaty Band. Oh wait, it’s just one of those elastic headbands popular a couple years ago. Hmm… I sure wish I had a running band.

If you’re wishing for a band like me, check out Running Diva’s Sweaty Band giveaway. They have so many different patterns! Her contest ends on Saturday.


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8 Responses to 8/11

  1. Melissa says:

    Good for you!!! :) ROCK STAR!

  2. Meg says:

    Haha, I just have a lot of random thoughts when I’m bored at work, so Twitter is a good outlet!

    Good for you for going for a run (especially in this crazy heat)! And your dog is so cute.

  3. Rae says:

    Way to get your run in! You look great afterwards…nice and sweaty! I think this is the first pic I’ve seen of you! Nice to put a face with all our exchanges. :)

  4. Dee says:

    Wow. You go girl! :o

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