My right hip was acting up after my Thursday treadmill run. I’ve always walked away from the treadmill injured (shins, plantar fascia, IT band, etc.) but this was a new one: hip flexors (I think). Who knew you used so many muscles running? I stretched and rested it Friday and Saturday so I ended up finishing week 7 on Sunday instead. I’m glad I gave it another day because no sensitivity today!

I meant to wake up early on Sunday to run but the bed was too cozy. We headed out at 10 since the weather seemed similar to other 6AM temperatures.


Completely underestimated the position of the sun.

It was a hot hot run. My body felt better than my awful run last week but it was killer with the direct sun. Lordy. No more day-time outdoor running in August! My pace was similar to my bad run last week.

We were hot.

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One Response to 8/8

  1. Melissa says:

    I have noticed that I have more aches and pains after treadmill running also.

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