The Ulrey podcasts (link on the right) are good for keeping track of the time, but the music kills me! I understand he has to use generic music so he can distribute the podcasts but egads! Does it have to sound like movie soundtracks and educational films from the 70s? They’re not all like that (in fact there are some good beats in there), but I didn’t miss it today when I ran 6-3 (25 minutes straight!). Instead I listened in on one of my favorite podcasts: Keith and the Girl (be forewarned – it’s crude!) and kept time on the Nike+ sportband.

So. Today was running 25 minutes straight. The weather was nice (70 degrees, 89% humidity <– totally calculated that myself.. kinda). Today from the very beginning I had a decent pace (for me that’s sub-11:00). I ran by myself and really had to push myself for the last 4 minutes. I’m happy with my run and will do the same run for the next week (all of week 7 is a 25 minute run). I think it will be interesting to see how my pace varies over time and with different weather conditions.

Happy weekend!

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One Response to 7/30

  1. Rae says:

    Haha! I totally agree! That music is awful! :) Great job on running 25 minutes straight!!

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