Running Goals

My main fitness goals right now are motivated by running. I would love to run a marathon one day (ideally the Chicago Marathon). I would also like to lose about 40 lbs (though I could be happy with 30). Obviously this second goal would be adjusted when I get closer to the achievement. I have lost about 20 lbs over the past few years (and kept it off!) so this weight struggle is nothing new to me.

Here is my current plan. Future modification rights reserved. :D

Run Mahomet 5K Race, tentatively sub-30:00? – August 21

I’m in Week 5 of Couch to 5K right now. Tomorrow I should run my first long continuous run (2o minutes). As long as I keep on the training schedule I should be golden for this race. This race has hills so I will have to train for those soon. I’m not sure what my pace is right now as I’ve lost one component of my Nike+ tracker.

The next (conveniently) local race is three weeks later.

Rattlesnake Master 10K – November 7

This might be too aggressive of a timeline, but I’m ok missing this race. My point is that I’d like to be able to run 6 miles around this month so I can begin training for:

Illinois Half-Marathon (and 5K) – April 29 & 30

I’ve volunteered the past two years for this event. I had actually registered for the half its first year but had to cancel due to injury.  This upcoming year will also feature a 10K so in the event that training doesn’t go as planned I can switch to that race. They’ve also moved the 5K to the evening before so it’s possible to run both the 5K and a longer race.

*fingers crossed* for happy tendons!

That’s my plan and I’ll try to stick with it!

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4 Responses to Running Goals

  1. Rae says:

    Your plans sound great! You’ll definitely be ready for the 5K on August 21…I’m running one August 22. :)Congrats on losing 20 pounds and keeping it off. I’m sure you’ll reach your goal soon!

  2. elizabethlacy says:

    Thanks! We’ll have to compare notes. :) When I ran that same race a couple years ago I did 34:59 – my goal was under 35! Once I find that pesky Nike+ sensor I can figure out how my pace is right now….

  3. Rae says:

    So you have the Nike+ watch? Do you have to have an ipod? Or special shoes? I guess I don’t get how it works.

  4. elizabethlacy says:

    I think it works well for the price ($20-30).

    There are two ways to do it: wristwatch or ipod. Each has a sensor you put in your Nike shoes (there’s a cavity for it) or attach to the laces of any other brand.

    The ipod ones either have a little thing that plugs into your ipod or if it’s second gen ipod touch it will sync automatically without the plug-in.

    I won a wristwatch system in a contest (sensor talks to watch that plugs into computer). I’ve lost the sensor though. :( It sounds like I’ll have to buy a new one.

    The sensors can be purchased separately but probably only online. I’ll likely get the ipod version so I can have that option (I have a first gen ipod touch) AND have it for tomorrow.

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