While I started this blog with the intention to document my preparations for the Grand Canyon trip, I knew the day would come when I actually completed the trip. That day has come, and I’d like to work towards transitioning this into my personal training log.

I picked the name Canyon Cairns because of its reference to the Grand Canyon, but also to signify the small daily goals we achieve. A cairn is a small rock pile marking the trail. It’s relieving to find them (you know you’re on the right track!) but each also represents a small milestone on the way to your bigger (final?) goal.

The trip was nothing short of fabulous and I have more photos posted here on my main blog.

Although the last mile or so was one of the steepest, it was unexpectedly also one of the easiest. I played a word game with another hiker to get our minds off the trek. I was surprised when someone ahead yelled back that we were on the last switchback and was overcome with emotion – and apathy – when we finally arrived at the trailhead. There was so much emotion tied into everyday’s hike. I genuinely thought I might die somewhere along the way. When I got to the end I realized I had actually completed the trip and I was alive. We quickly piled into the van and drove to Colorado. It was anticlimatic. What was the final goal gradually reframed in my mind into another cairn along the way.

I have other fitness goals so likewise I’d like to reframe the focus of this blog to cairns passed along that journey.

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