4/19, 4/20

Fashion statement: hiking boots, hiking socks, yoga capris!

I did a bit of everything Monday: walked 2.0 miles, enjoyed yoga, and ran workout 1-3.

I walked to the health food store and back over lunch in the new boots with my hiking socks. No blisters (I developed a few pre-blisters last week when walking with regular socks). I need to pick up another pair of SmartWool socks – possibly something wicking as my feet get warm in these boots.

I haven’t run in a couple weeks so I decided to go back to 1-3 and really push myself. That went well so I’ll complete workout 2-1 again tonight. Depending on how that feels I may continue onto 2-2 on Friday or skip ahead to 2-3 (all the week 2 workouts are the same, so I’m saying I’m not sure if I’ll complete it two or three times). Either tonight or Friday’s run will be with the Vibrams.

Yesterday I walked 3.3 miles in hiking boots & socks and ran up two tiny hills along the way.

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