>_< (MIA)

Sorry for being MIA. Nothing interesting to blame. I’ve been sick which has produced an uninspiring workout log and plenty of carbs in the form of sugar masquerading as electrolytes.

Here’s all I’ve done this week.

  • Monday: walked 1 hr and went to a fabulous yoga class. I’m not sure if my aching is still from the class or the sickies.
  • Thursday: walked around the grocery store in the ugly shoes. I should do a couple more outings with them (or longer walks) and then progress to a C25K at the springy high school track.

I woke up Tuesday feeling under-electrolyted (I’ve experienced this before while hiking.. it’s like dehydration but you know water won’t cut it). Before I could progress to a more colorful state I tried a sample packet of Crystal Light Pure Fitness that I picked up half-heartedly at yoga the night before. It did the trick and I was well on my day. I haven’t figured out what’s wrong with it yet (thankfully no aspartame, just stevia), but I bought a package of strawberry-kiwi with a coupon last night.

I woke up Wednesday feeling tired. I had the GRCA meeting that afternoon so I pushed myself through work. I’ll likely write about the meeting another time. It was nice to meet the other participants (and not receive a parking ticket on my half-hour-overparked car), but otherwise I wished I’d stayed home.

And so I have kept my germs to myself the last two days. I can do stuff for a little while but then I get exhausted. I think I’m running a low fever (the thermometer claims I’m 95.6; SO is 94 but he’s sick too), and kept myself awake coughing last night. My throat is funky but sinuses are clear.

I’m woefully behind in workouts, terribly high in carbs, but cals are ok.

That’s all. ZZzzzzz.

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