Since yesterday was a rest-and-purposely-overeat*-but-not-too-much day I don’t have a whole lot to report except that I feel pretty good. Instead, here are some links to information about the different trails we’ll be taking.

Red Butte wiki

  • This is an easy hike the day before the real hiking begins. It should be beautiful!

Tanner Trail nps wiki (one day)

  • This is our descent trail. It’s around 9 miles in length and takes us to our campsite along the Colorado River. Not as nervous about this one, though it will be a long hot day.

Escalante Route nps wiki (three days)

  • This trail (called a route to reflect its minimal maintenance) follows the Colorado River. We’ll travel west with the flow of the river. 
  • I’ve read about “the Wall” which we conquer first thing on the last day (if I’m reading the itinerary correctly). This ends with a steep talus slope (check out the wiki link for pics).
  • Elevation gain/loss is minimal (a plus).
  • I’m not 100% sure, but I think this route might include a narrow path sloping towards a steep drop-off on one side.

New Hance Trail nps wiki (two days)

  • This is our ascent. Fortunately it will be hiked over two days.

We have a meeting on Wednesday. I’ve browsed pictures from previous trips (2006 is the same route, opposite direction; not sure about the others). The 2006 set is by far the most comprehensive account of what our trip will be like.

*I found that I’ve been significantly undereating the past few days. Ergo, tom kha tofu required to fix that.

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