I have a few updates from yesterday:

1. The  shoes arrived! I got the Vibram Five Finger KSOs and then Injinji socks to help prevent blistering. I tried these on locally, but they didn’t have 37s so I ordered online.  The shoes fit well without the socks, and I’ll try out my first walk tonight without them. The socks dampen the barefoot feeling, change the fit of the shoe, and don’t conform well to my toes. I might alter the socks to fit my feet better (deepen the sheaths for my smaller toes and shorten the tops).

2. I walked 5.7 mi (again, parked a mile away, walked during lunch). I think I’m getting faster because I can cover a tiny bit more ground in the same lunch break. Sadly, I did not get to yoga last night. :( Similar plan for today (up to the PO) plus C25K workout 1-3 tonight.

3. Remember how I said I was really hoping for 166 at the weigh-in yesterday? I was flirting with writing “165-166”, but didn’t want to focus on 165 since a pound is not a trivial measure, and I didn’t want to be disappointed with 166.

Well guess.what. I came in at 163.6. This blows my mind. I was 169.0 15 days ago. I took a look at my food log for the past 15 days and here’s how it works out:

  • 23396 cals (1560/day, my goal at 169 was 1553/day for 1.5lbs lost per week); this also means my good and bad calorie days balance
  • 2531 carbs (169/day, my goal is <150/day)

If it were calories alone it should have been closer to the 166. Therefore, I conclude that curbing my carbs helped me lose an additional 1lb/week (average).

Granted water weight, clothing, cycle, etc. could have all affect this. I’ll give it another 15 days for comparison, but either way I’m ecstatic. ;)

Finally, I chatted with one of the employees there about the GRCA trip. She said a few years back there was a lady doing the same thing who would come in with a backpack and walk on the treadmill for hours. Surely I can do that around town, but it might not be a bad idea to do it on a StairMaster-type machine. Hmmmm….


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