The weekend was a bust workout-wise. I volunteered Saturday which took a bit more out of me than I had expected. When I was ready to get to it, the sky began to downpour. Same went for Sunday. Neither day conducive for a run or weighted walk.

Did C25K workout 1-2 last night after a short Shelti-approved walk. It was dark, but felt good. Felt better than 1-1, though it was the same thing. So far so good on the IT band. Moey got tired towards the end again, and my ipod lost the podcast during a recent sync but I had company on a bike with a watch to keep track for me. Not holding Moey’s leash also helped me focus on form.

Also walked 5.4 miles yesterday. Hoorah! I hope to do the same today (parked a mile away and using lunch break for a long walk).

The Vibrams should arrive today (yay!). If so, I’ll go on a short walk with them tonight (again, Shelti-approved length). It should be interesting to see how walks progress with the new shoes. I’m having a hard time believing it takes as long to adjust as I read in reviews.

In gym news I signed up for a “Biggest Loser”-type challenge back in January with the local gym. It cost $60 and I got three months worth of membership out of it (primary motivation). I wish I could say I got my money back, but I didn’t (though I haven’t seen the “free” shirt yet.. that could tip the scale!). It would be best if I stuck with my punch card pass for that gym. Anyway, the final weigh-in is tonight. I know I’ve lost weight, but I don’t think I took it very seriously until the last month or so. I’m hoping for 166 or so. 165 would be fabulous. Fingers crossed!

I will sign up for the University gym in the next week or two. I’d like to incorporate swimming into my fitness routine. It’s $29 a month with a 6 month contract. Being a member will also reduce the GRCA trip cost by $100. $74 for 6 months of swimming (and other activities) sounds ok to me. The facilities are much nicer than the local gym.

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