IT Band

Mid-day yesterday (after my Couch to 5K post) my right IT band began hurting. I spent the evening attempting various contortions to stretch, massage, and strengthen it. It’s better today, but not yet 100%. I felt somewhat guilty about not doing any physical activity but it seems a little rest has paid off. I overate yesterday as a consequence, but mostly kept carbs in check. You can see a comprehensive total at the “Diet Log” page at the top.

Today was better. I’ve done some walking (~90 mins, 5.1 miles). I walked to the post office on campus during lunch, back to work, then to a company-wide meeting on campus with a coworker and back. I was pleased to have the company and actually got hot with my lightweight jacket and 45 degree weather.

I had considered hitting the gym tonight since my membership expires soon but I don’t think it will work logistically. I’m hoping to complete another Couch to 5K workout and tackle my first weighted walk this weekend.

It’s a lovely day and I’m happy to report that the IT band is still feeling oh-k. :)

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